Footbath heater / stone sauna heater

Footbath heater / stone sauna heater

This is foot bath heater/stone sauna heater.
Health salons use foot baths and bedrock baths (stone sauna), while beauty salons use treatment tables (mats), hot rooms, and heaters.
The body warmed by the heater increases metabolism and promotes perspiration. It is said that passing through materials with far-infrared effect will make you healthier.

If you don't know what kind of heater is suitable, we will start by scheduling a consultation meeting and manufacture it.

Applications example produced in the past,

[Heater for major beauty salons using silicone rubber heater]

[Heater for mist room using silicone sand heater]

[Facial heater using silicone rubber heater]

[Hospital foot bath heater]

[Joint pain relief heater for hospitals]

[Household hot water heater]

and many more

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