Terms and Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions of Use") are matters to be complied with when using the website or online shop provided by ThreeHigh Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). These Terms and Conditions of Use also define the rights and obligations between our company and the user (as defined in article 1) or the customer (as defined in article 1).

Section 1 Definitions and Terms and Conditions of Use

Article 1 (Definition)

The meaning of the following terms are as follows.

  1. Our site
    The website managed and operated by our company.
  2. This service
    The general term/part of the service that allows you to purchase products provided by our company online, as well as services associated with it.
  3. Terms and Conditions of Use
    The general term/part of the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy attached to the Terms and Conditions of Use, and other contracts and agreements separately concluded between our company and the customer.
  4. User
    The person who accesses or uses our website.
  5. Customers
    A company, corporate, group, or individual that uses this service or conducts individual transactions with our company as described below.
  6. Our products
    The general term/part of the products that we provide to customers on this service and can be purchased.
  7. Individual transaction
    The general term/part of the sales transactions, rental transactions, and other transactions explicitly specified on our website between the customer and our company in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use, etc.
  8. Contents of this service, etc.
    The general term/part of the contents, features, specifications, screen layout, usage instructions, and other elements that constitute the contents of this service.
  9. Customer information
    The general term/part of information concerning customers or persons in charge provided by customers to our company during membership registration procedures, when entering information for individual transactions, or on other occasions. It also includes such information collected and acquired by our company in the provision of service or the performance of individual transactions.
  10. Membership registration
    This means registering customer information in accordance with the procedures specified on our site for the purpose of obtaining the privileges stipulated by our company, omitting the input of information in individual transactions, or for other reasons.
  11. Our notification
    Notifications given by our company to customers in accordance with the methods stipulated in article 32, which have the result of arrival as stipulated in article 32.
  12. Registered member
    The general term/part of a customer who has an authorized membership.
  13. ID, etc.
    Information required to access or operate a specific page of this service, which our company may provide to registered members, to certify the identity of the customer, which may include an ID and password.
  14. Custom-made products
    Amongst our company's products, it refers to products that we manufacture after receiving orders from customers.
  15. Non-custom-made products
    Amongst our company's products, it refers to products other than custom-made products.
  16. Customers, etc.
    The general term/part of the customer or its affiliated company.
  17. Product inspection
    Inspection and operation check for product name, product number, quantity, exterior appearance damage or other defects, conducted by the customer who received our product through an individual transaction.
  18. Our system, etc.
    The general term (or part) of software, databases and data to be executed or used by our company or our subcontractors to provide this service, as well as servers, computers, other terminals, peripherals, circuits, other facilities and equipment managed or operated by our company or our subcontractors.
  19. Intellectual Property Rights
    The general term (or part) of the rights under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, publicity rights, rights to one's own image, rights to protection of one's reputation, privacy rights, and all other rights. Additionally also all patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, copyrights, rights to use intellectual property exclusively, and any other intellectual property right (whether registered or unregistered), that involve inventions, concepts, designs, works, know-how, ideas, trade secrets, and other intellectual property.
  20. Termination of Registration, etc.
    The general term (or part) of the termination of registration of registered members, termination of individual transactions with customers, or discontinuation of this service.
  21. Data on utilization, etc.
    The general term (or part) of the information that separates the information identifying users or customers, data related to the user's or customer's actions at our site resulting from the use of this service (including terminal specific data, such as IP address or terminal identifiers, data specifying the access date and time, site transition data and location information data), data related to the customer's attributes, data related to the record of individual transactions, and other data related to the user's or customer's usage of our site or this service.
  22. Statistical data, etc.
    The general term (or part) of data, information, or knowledge obtained by parsing or analyzing data or information generated as a result of statistical processing or aggregation processing to prevent the user or customer from being identified using customer information, usage data, or other data and information.
  23. Force Majeure Reasons
    The general term (or part) of any reason that exceeds our reasonable control, such as natural disasters (including earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, storm surges, typhoons, tornadoes, lightning strikes, landslides), war, civil wars, domestic conflicts, riots, establishment/revision/abolition of domestic and foreign laws or treaties, the order/disposal/guidance by government agencies, enactment/revision, or abolition of treaties, disputes, revolutions, accidents involving transportation or custody, abnormal power outages, planned power outages, extreme or long-term energy shortages, disruption of network circuits, delays in customs clearance or entry.
  24. Our announcement
    This service is a notification that our company gives to all users, customers or certain customers, simultaneously, which is effective upon publication on our site.
  25. Antisocial forces
    The general term (or a part) of an organized crime group, an organization similar to an organized crime group, a company related to an organized crime group, corporate blackmailers ("soukai-ya"), social movement agitators resorting to illegal actions ("shakai-undou hyoubou-goro"), special intelligence crime groups ("tokushu-chinou bouryoku-shudan"), or any other group characterized by crime or violence, or its members or associates.

Article 2 (Agreement to Terms and Conditions of Use, etc.)

The Terms and Conditions of Use, etc. constitute the contents of contracts and agreements between the user or customer and our company regarding the use of our site and this service and individual transactions. Users use our site after agreeing to all the contents such as Terms and Conditions of Use, etc. The customer shall use this service and conduct individual transactions after agreeing to all contents such as the Terms and Conditions of Use, etc.

Section 2 Contents and Use of our sites and this service

Article 3 (Use of our site)

  1. Our site can be accessed and used with devices that can access the Internet.
  2. Users will prepare and use the communication equipment, software, and internet connection necessary to use our site at their own risk and expense.
  3. We reserve the right to change all or part of the information posted on this site without prior notice to the user at any time.

Article 4 (Contents of this service, etc.)

  1. This service enables customers to search and select our products on our site and conduct individual tansactions with us.
  2. The contents of this service shall be determined on our website. Our company may change, add, partially delete or improve the contents of this service,ect., if it is considered appropriate at our discretion.

Article 5 (Use of this service)

  1. The customer shall use this service by registering as a member.
  2. This service shall be provided in Japan and the customers are limited to those located in Japan.

Section 3 Membership Registration, etc.

Article 6 (How to apply)

  1. Customers who wish to register as a member shall complete the membership registration procedures by following the registration procedure provided on our website, after accepting the contents of the Terms and Conditions of Use, ect. At that time, the customer shall enter the customer information provided by the registration procedure.
  2. Regarding the procedures set forth in this article, a membership registration is established upon the confirmation through a notification by our company.
  3. In the event we do not accept the membership registration, we are not obliged to disclose the reason for the disapproval.

Article 7 (Change of customer information)

  1. Registered members shall notify our company of any changes of customer information in the manner specified by our company.
  2. The company is not liable for any damages suffered by the customer due to the failure to notify our company, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph. These include any disadvantages due to our company's notification failing to reach the customer.

Article 8 (Usage fee)

The membership registration for this service is free of charge. However, all expenses for accessing our site will be borne by the customer. This includes additional communications costs that may be incurred due to delays or difficulties in displaying our sites.

Article 9 (Management of ID, etc.)

  1. As a result of membership registration, our company may issue IDs, etc. to registered members. The IDs provided will be managed at the responsibility of the registered member himself/herself. Registered members shall not lend IDs, etc. to third parties other than company users, etc., as registered members shall be responsible for the use of IDs, etc.
  2. While the customer logs in, uses this service or makes an individual transaction using the ID of a registered member, etc., our company will consider it to be an authorized login and use by that registered member. In the event that a third party engages in individual transactions by illegally obtaining and using the ID, etc. of a registered member or such registered member suffers damage due to any other cause, our company does not take responsibility for such damage.
  3. A registered member shall immediately notify us if he or she loses or forgets the ID, etc., or becomes aware of the fact of theft or use by a third party.

Article 10 (Cancellation of member registration)

  1. Customers may terminate membership registration at any time through the procedures set forth on our site.
  2. The company is entitled to cancel the membership registration without any notice in the event of any of the following:
    1. In the event of any of the reasons specified in each item of article 14, paragraph 1
    2. When a customer provides false or misleading customer information in the membership registration procedure

Section 4 Individual transactions

Article 11 (Contract for the purchase and sale of non-custom-made products, etc.)

  1. If the customer wishes to make individual transactions for non-custom-made products, the order shall be made according to the procedure specified on our site. When ordering, customers enter customer information according to the guidance on our site.
  2. The individual transaction relating to the orders set forth in the preceding paragraph will be completed upon our company's notice of our acceptance of such individual transaction.
  3. Our products are sold for our customers and for their own use, to provide products or services incorporating our products to third parties. Customers cannot make individual transactions for the purpose of reselling our products.
  4. Regardless of paragraph 2 of this article, after the establishment stipulated in the same paragraph, it is possible for our company to cancel an individual transaction by cancellation of a customer's order through notification, in the event our company notices that an individual transaction can not be accordingly executed due to a clerical error (including errors in price notation) on our website, or an oversight due to negligence regarding the available stock of a product in question, or any other reason that the completion of the individual transaction is not appropriate. In this case, our company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the customer's reliance on the completion of an individual transaction.
  5. In addition to the preceding paragraph, in the event the company becomes aware that the customer is a minor and the consent of the legal representative cannot be confirmed after the establishment as set forth in paragraph 2 of this article, the company will give notice to the customer to the effect that the company will decline the order and cancel the individual transaction.

Article 12 (Payment and Shipping of our products)

This article is applicable only for domestic orders.

  1. Customers shall pay the tax included price (including shipping costs, etc., the same hereinafter) of our products for non-custom-made products by the method selected by the customer from the payment methods displayed on our site when ordering.
  2. Regarding the shipping and delivery of our products, the following rules apply according to the following payment methods:
    1. For bank transfers
      After confirming the transfer of the payment to our company, our company will start preparing to ship our products and ship them.
    2. For cash on delivery
      In the case of cash on delivery, in addition to the tax-included price of our products, the customer will be charged 660 yen (including tax) as a cash-on-delivery charge upon delivery of our products.
      In addition, the amount that can be settled by cash on delivery is up to 300,000 yen (including tax).
    3. For credit card
      In the case of payment with credit card, after the payment by credit card is settled, our company will start preparing for shipping our products and ship them.
  3. After our company ships the products, the customer will be notified by email.

Article 13 (Delivery days of our products)

This article is applicable only for domestic orders.

  1. The number of days required for the delivery of our products will be the standard number of days stated on our site, unless otherwise specified by us.
  2. Customers understand and agree that the standard number of days in the preceding paragraph is a standard guideline. If there are any deficiencies or errors in the order details related to individual transactions, or if the delivery address cannot be identified due to insufficient indication, such as an inadequate doorplate, or if the product's inventory status, weather and traffic conditions, seasonal factors (including the press and slack of businesses of consignment shipping companies), or any other circumstances change, the delivery may not be possible within the standard number of days. Even in this case, we will not be liable to the customer in any way.

Article 14 (Cancellation of individual transactions)

  1. The company may cancel approved but still outstanding individual transactions to the customer without any notice in the event of any of the following:
    1. If the customer provides false or misleading information in an individual transaction.
    2. If the customer fails to fulfill any other obligations to our company other than those based on the individual transaction.
    3. If the customer violates the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use, etc., or indicates any intention to not comply with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use, etc. or doubts the validity thereof.
    4. If it is confirmed that the use of our product related to the business or order, in which the customer is engaged, contains content that is illegal or socially criticized (including cases where reasonable doubt arises about these)
    5. If a petition for bankruptcy, special liquidation, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization, or any other petition has been filed.
    6. If the customer is under an order of provisional attachment, provisional disposition, attachment of property, auction, or any other foreclosure or disposition for failure to pay.
    7. If the customer receives a penalty due to dishonored bills or checks, or has been suspended from bank transactions, or has notified the creditor of a debt consolidation.
    8. In the event of a dissolution, liquidation or abolition of the business.
    9. If our company determines that there is reasonable suspicion that any of the items of article 35 paragraph 1 apply.
  2. In the event of a cancellation of the preceding paragraph, all the customer's obligations and debt to our company will naturally lose the period of limitaion's advantage.
  3. The customer acknowledges that mail-order sales of our products through this service are not subject to the cooling-off system stipulated in the Installment Sales Act, Door-to-Door Sales Act, Specified Commercial Transactions Act, or other laws and regulations.

Article 15 (Inspection)

  1. The customer will conduct product inspections within seven days of receiving our product and notify us of any rejected products within that period. We can consider that the inspection has passed successfully if no notice is given by the customer within that period.
  2. If the customer finds a defect in our product that can be evaluated as a failure,after a product inspection, as described in the preceding paragraph, the customer shall return the product to us. If our company determines that the defect is clearly due to a reason attributable to our company, our company shall deliver a substitute, repair the rejected product, or refund the cost of the rejected product, bearing any returning fees (actual freight cost) paid by the customer. Ownership of products returned to us is the property of our company.
  3. Delivery of our company's products shall be completed upon the expiration of the period for product inspections as set forth in the preceding paragraph.
  4. The customer may not cancel or return an order for our products for which an individual transaction has been completed, except as set forth in paragraph 2 of this article.

Article 16 (Non-receipt of our products)

If the customer does not accept the receipt of our products, or if the delivery to the delivery destination specified by the customer is not possible due to the customer's circumstances, our company will cancel the individual transaction related to our product without re-notification. In this case, the customer will compensate for the damage suffered due to the non-receipt.

Article 17 (Product Warranty)

This article is applicable only for domestic orders.

  1. The warranty period for our products is based on the warranty card if the warranty card is included with our products. If the warranty card is not included in the package, the warranty period and warranty details are as follows.
    1. Warranty Period
      It will be one year from the date of delivery to the customer.
    2. Warranty Description
      Our company guarantees that our products meet the specifications and performance described in the packaging, labels and instruction manuals.
  2. If any of the following items apply, the warranty will be void even within the warranty period. This provision applies to our products whether or not explicitly stated in the warranty card.
    1. If the product has been used in any way that does not comply with the packaging, labels, instruction manuals, warning documents, or any of the applications, conditions of use, or precautions described on our site.
    2. In case of damage or malfunction caused by dropping, collision with other articles, application of abnormal external force, or other external factors.
    3. If our products are processed, remodeled, disassembled or otherwise modified, or if our products are repaired without us.
    4. If the product has been used under conditions or with methods other than those normally expected (e.g. using it in an unreasonable manner, using it in a harsh environment, overloading it, misusing, etc.)
    5. When there is change over the years or time-related deterioration.
    6. In the case of minor scratches, stains, discoloration, ect., that do not affect the original use of the product.
  3. Our warranty is the only one set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Use or the Warranty Document. We do not guarantee anything that is not included in these.

Article 18 (custom-order products)

  1. Customers who wish to make individual transactions for custom-made products will contact the inquiry contact provided on our site. In this case, our company and the customer will contact each other to determine and agree on the specifications, price, payment terms, delivery date, the period of product inspection, and other conditions for custom-made products, and, if agreed upon, the individual transaction will be established by purchase order or other documents.
  2. The provisions of articles 14 to 17 also apply to the transaction of custom-made products. However, the following points apply as well:
    1. In the case of article 15 paragraph 2, the customer may require the repair of rejected products, and only if the repair is impossible or too difficult, may request a refund. Additionally the consent of our company shall be required for the delivery of substitutes.
    2. Regarding compensation for damages set forth in article 16, due to the characteristics of custom-made products, the amount equivalent to the price of the custom-made product will be considered to be the minimum amount of the damage suffered by our company due to non-receipt.

Article 19 (Changes in our products, prices, specifications, etc.)

We can change the contents, specifications, prices or any other transaction conditions of our products, as well as change them to new products, or discontinue manufacturing or handling the products posted on our site without prior contact or announcement to customers.

Section 5 Handling of Intellectual Property Rights and Data

Article 20 (Attribution of intellectual property rights, etc.)

  1. All materials such as our site, this service, our system, the constructed modules, videos, images, sentences, diagrams, the screen configuration and layout, as well as the intellectual property right related to other products that constitute them, are attributed to our company. Our company also owns intellectual property rights related to data such as usage data and statistical data. However, the intellectual property right, etc. for customer data is reserved to the customer.
  2. The rights to trade names and trademarks (including, but not limited to, "ThreeHigh" and "monoOne") displayed on our website belong to our company. These cannot be used without our permission.

Article 21 (Use of data)

  1. We can use the customer's data for the following purposes: The purposes specified in (3) to (9) below can be used in the same way even after completion of registration, etc. If the customer's data contains personal information, our company will follow the personal information protection policy specified separately by our company.
    1. For the purpose of establishing, performing and managing individual transactions with customers (including billing processing, payment confirmation, reminders for payments, etc.)
    2. In addition to the foregoing, for the purpose of providing and operating this service
    3. For responding to inquiries from customers or communicating with customers
    4. For the reforming, improving, repairing of this service or our systems, ect., or the adding of features
    5. To provide customers with guidance on services other than this service, or information about our products
    6. For the collection, acquisition and generation of data for use
    7. For the creation and generation of statistical data
    8. For purposes not included in the preceding items and with the individual consent of the customer
    9. For matters related to or incidental to each of the preceding items
  2. In addition to the purposes stated in the preceding paragraphs, our company can freely use data and statistical data, including for the following purposes. The same applies after completion of registration.
    1. For the planning, development, manufacturing, provision and sale of new products, or for other services than this service or technologies.
    2. For market analysis, marketing and other research
    3. For matters related to or incidental to any of the preceding items

Article 22 (Handling of customer data)

Our company does not need to delete data such as customer data, usage data, and history data, even if the registration ect. is completed. However, regarding customer data, our company will delete it if there is a request from a customer for deletion of the data of the customer in question.

Section 6 Suspension and Discontinuation of this service

Article 23 (Suspension of this service's provision)

  1. Our company may suspend our site or this service's provision if any of the following applies:
    1. If necessary for system maintenance, for modifying, improving or of our company's website, improving or reforming specifications of our company's website, service, system, etc.
    2. If malfunctions occurs in our system or the internet circuit or any other communication environment to which our system connects
    3. If there are any inevitable reasons presented (including not only inevitable reasons from our side, but also from our contractors' side)
    4. If there is any suspicion or claim from a third party that the provision of all or part of our site or this service infringes any Intellectual Property Rights, etc., or the cause of such infringement is found through our investigation, and it is deemed necessary or appropriate for the avoidance or mitigation of such infringement or the damages resulting therefrom.
    5. If it is impossible or difficult to operate our site or provide this service due to any technical or other reason.
  2. In the event of a suspension as set forth in the preceding paragraph, we will notify the customer through a company announcement in advance. However, this does not apply in case of emergency.

Article 24 (Discontinuation of this service)

  1. We may discontinue our site or all of this service at our convenience.
  2. In the event of the preceding paragraph, we will post a company annoucement no later than one month in advance. However, if we consider it urgent and unavoidable, the period until the date of discontinuance may be shortened.
  3. Even if this service is abolished, our company shall continue to complete individual transactions established, until the day prior to the date of abolition in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use, etc., to the extent the Terms and Conditions of Use, etc. are applicable.

Article 25 (Responsibility due to suspension or discontinuation)

Our company is not liable for any damages suffered by the customer due to the suspension or discontinuation specified in the preceding two articles.

Section 7 Non-warranty

Article 26 (Non-warranty)

  1. Our company does not guarantee the following matters regarding our site and this service, and we will not be liable for any damage suffered by the customer or any third party due to these matters:
    1. Possibility of access (access is not interrupted, displayed, or slowed down)
    2. No malfunctions, deficiencies, imperfections or interruptions (regardless of the length, size, or cause of mentioned malfunctions, etc.)
    3. Customer data is being stored for a certain period of time, and is not lost, tampered with, leaked or damaged
    4. The provision, operation or use of our site or this service does not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party or cause no alleged infringement
  2. Our company will make an effort to provide reliable information regarding information provided on our site, but we do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, conformity, legality, currentness, ect.
  3. Our site may include links to websites that we are not under our control. We do not guarantee any of the linked websites.

Article 27 (Limitation of Liability)

  1. If the user or customer suffers any damage or causes any damage to a third party in connection with the use or unavailability of our site or this service or the result thereof, or if any trouble or dispute between the user or customer and a third party arises, we will not be liable for any reason whatsoever.
  2. If for any reason our company is responsible for the user's or customer's compensation (including the obligation of restitution of excessive profit), we shall only be liable in case our company has showed intentional or gross negligence, and the scope of compensation shall be limited to direct and actual damages. No loss of profit, loss of business opportunities, indirect damages or special damages (regardless of foreseeability) shall be covered. In addition, the total amount of compensation and compensation liability (including the obligation of restitution of excessive profit) that our company owes regarding this service, shall in no event exceed the amount equivalent to the price of our products actually paid by the customer to us regarding the individual transactions directly related to the cause of such damages.
  3. If the customer is a private consumer, the provisions that limit the scope and total amount of compensation set forth in the preceding paragraph will apply to cases where the company showed minor negligence, and will not apply to cases where our company shows intentional or gross negligence.

Section 8 General Provisions

Article 28 (Inquiries, etc.)

  1. For inquiries about our site, this service, our products or individual transactions, we accept and respond to them within our actual business hours. We are not obliged to respond to any contact from users or customers on any other date and time. In addition, regarding questions received from users or customers, where an examination is required in order to answer, it may take time for the answers due to our business situation or other reasons. Furthermore, we may not be able to respond to inquiries received from users, depending on the content of the questions and the number of questions.
  2. We may refuse to respond or simply not respond if the customer repeatedly inquires the same matters that were already answered, if the customer's questions do not relate to this service, our products or individual transactions, and if the customer's questions are objectively seen to be primarily distracting or interfering with our business.
  3. The user or customer understands that all the responses from our company to questions and the content communicated from our side are all addressed only to the user or customer, and shall neither publicize the content of the response or communication, nor disclose it to a third party except the user's or customer's company.

Article 29 (Confidentiality)

  1. We will not use customer information for any purpose other than as set forth in paragraph 1 of Article 21 and will not disclose it to any third party without the prior consent of the customer.
  2. The customer shall not use any design information, specification information, ID, or any other information that has not been disclosed in relation to custom-made products or has been disclosed by us as an appropriate confidential information, for any purpose other than explicitly set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Use, ect., and shall not disclose the same to any third party, without our company's prior consent.
  3. The provisions of this article will apply even after the completion of registration, etc.

Article 30 (Prohibited matters)

  1. Neither the user nor the customer shall engage in the following activities when using our site or this service:
    1. Acts that infringe or may violate the rights, property, reputation, credit or interest of our company or its executives or employees.
    2. Act of sending or invading our site through harmful programs, such as computer viruses.
    3. Unauthorized access to our site, acts that impose an excessive burden on our site or this service, or any other act that unreasonably interferes with or threatens to interfere with our site or the operation of this service.
    4. Acts that prevent other users or customers from using our site or this service
    5. Violations of public order and morals, violations of laws and regulations, criminal acts, or acts that may cause these
    6. Any other acts that our company deems inappropriate
  2. If our company suffers any damage due to a user's or customer's action in violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use,ect., including the preceding paragraph, such user or customer may be requested for compensation for damages.

Article 31 (Consignment)

We may outsource the operation of our site, the provision of this service or the performance of individual transactions, in whole or in part, to a third party. Our company is entitled to disclose customer information to the relevant contractor or consignment company.

Article 32 (Notification method)

Notifications regarding the operation of our site, provision of this service or individual transactions shall be made by e-mail, fax or registered mail. Our notifications to customers shall be given in the procedures for membership registration, in the procedures for ordering individual transactions or in other procedures by e-mail, fax or registered mail to the address, fax number or e-mail address. Such notification shall be deemed to have arrived on the date of sending in the case of fax or e-mail, and in the case of registered mail on the day following the date of dispatch.

Article 33 (Prohibition of Assignment and Succession)

  1. The customer shall not assign, lease or otherwise dispose of all or any part of the rights and obligations to use this service, or rights and obligations based on individual transactions to any third party without our company's prior written consent.
  2. In transferring our site or business related to this service to a third party, or in implementing another method of business succession, we may transfer our site or the position to provide this service, the position in individual transactions with all customers, and the rights and duties associated with them to that business assignee or business successor.

Article 34 (Force Majeure Disclaimer)

Even if the provision of our site or this service or the performance of individual transactions is delayed, incomplete or impossible due to force majeure reasons, we will not be liable. In addition, any force majeure caused by our site or the contractor for this service, by the manufacturer of our products, by the supplier of parts, or by the contractor of manufacturing related the individual transaction, is regarded as a valid force majeure reason that resulted from our company.

Article 35 (Exlusion of Anti-Social Forces)

  1. The users and customers shall guarantee the following for themselves and their major shareholders, directors and key employees:
    1. No association with an anti-social force, neither in the present nor past.
    2. Not in a financial, cooperative, or supportive relationship with anti-social forces, neither in the present nor past.
    3. Never uses fraud, violence, or threatening language against others, neither by themself or by using a third party.
    4. The user or customer themself or their relative has never demonstrated to others that they are part of an anti-social force.
  2. If a fact that violates the warranty set forth in the preceding paragraph has occurred or is discovered regarding the user or the customer (including information provided by the media or investigative authorities), our company may discontinue the provision of this site or this service to the user or customer without any notice, and terminate any outstanding individual transactions that have been ordered or shipped. In this case, our company will not bear any damage or compensation whatsoever even if the customer suffers damage caused by the suspension or rescission.

Article 36 (Applicable Law and the Court of Competent Jurisdiction)

The use of our site or this service, individual transactions, and the interpretation and application of the Terms and Conditions of Use, ect., shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, depending on the amount in controversy, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance for disputes arising from our site, this service, or individual transactions.

Article 37 (Changes in Terms and Conditions of Use, etc.)

  1. Our Company may revise the Terms and Conditions of Use, etc. as necessary in any of the following cases:
    1. When the revision of the Terms and Conditions of Use, etc. conforms to the general benefit of the customer.
    2. If the revisions to the Terms and Conditions of Use, etc. do not violate the purpose of the contract between the customer and our company, and are reasonable in the necessity of such changes, the appropriateness of the contents of the revised Terms and Conditions of Use, or other circumstances related to such changes.
  2. The Terms and Conditions of Use, etc. related to the revision will be announced on our website at least two weeks prior to the revision. If the user or customer uses our site or this service after the date of change, the revision will be considered to have been agreed upon.

Article 38 (Continuing Provisions)

Even after the registration is completed the provisions of the Paragraph 2 of the Article 7, the Paragraph 2 of the Article 9, the Article 17, the Paragraph 2 of the Article 18, the Articles 20 to 22, the Paragraph 3 of the Article 24, the Articles 25 to 30, the Articles 32 to 36, and the Article 38 of the Terms and Conditions of Use will continue to be valid.

Article 39 (Effective Date)

The Terms and Conditions of Use are effective as of March 16, 2020.

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