Anti-freezing heater for car navigation

Anti-freezing heater for car navigation

In-vehicle heater for car navigation starter.
Machines are generally not cold resistant. For this purpose, heat must be supplied from the outside.

Once the power is turned on, it can be solved by the heat emitted from itself, but a heater is absolutely necessary to reach that point.

Also, if it is kept at a certain temperature, it is necessary to control the temperature so that it does not reach a temperature higher than necessary.

If you don't know what kind of heater is suitable, we will start by scheduling a consultation meeting and manufacture it.

Applications example produced in the past,

[Freeze prevention heater for NHK Antarctic camera (aurora photography)]

[Anti-freezing heater for Hokkaido unmanned camera for NHK]

[Anti-freezing heater for cameras used in Sweden for NHK]

[Battery Freeze Prevention for NHK, Heater with Heat Insulation Case]

[Expressway ETC gate (lane) snow melting heater in general]

[N system camera freeze prevention heater]

[Dew protection heater from a major astronomical telescope manufacturer]

and many more

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