【Announcement】 On January 21st, ThreeHigh will be featured on BS TV Tokyo's "Wings of Growth."

We are excited to share that ThreeHigh will be introduced on the documentary program
"Wings of Growth: Struggle Chronicles of 3.5 Million Companies,"
broadcasted every Sunday at 22:00 on BS TV Tokyo.
This program closely follows the struggles of small and medium-sized enterprises
as they overcome various challenges and achieve unique growth.
After a month of in-depth coverage,
the production team has crafted a documentary capturing the endeavors of those spreading their wings.
【Broadcast Information】
Program Title: Wings of Growth - Struggle Chronicles of 3.5 Million Companies
Broadcast Station: BS TV Tokyo
Date and Time: January 21, 2024 (Sunday) 22:00-22:30
Please note that the program will be available on YouTube after the broadcast.
We hope you enjoy watching!
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